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Magnetic Dispersions

Magnetic Dispersions are known as the main product used in the manufacturing of Inkjet Magnetic Inks, applied on the printing of MICR code on checks and in other documents in the security printing market. The Magnetic Dispersions are available in three different solution bases: water-base, solvent-base and oil-base. The most used solution base in the current global market is the water-based.

What is a Magnetic Dispersion?

Magnetic Dispersions are made from metal oxide nanoparticles, which present the magnetic properties when exposed to a Magnetic Field (which makes it the ideal application to produce MICR Inks). For the product manufacturing, nano particles are dispersed in different functionalizing agents. In this way, a stable and homogeneous product is obtained, ready to be used for the manufacture of MICR Inks.

What better type of magnetic dispersion?

It is important to purchase the product from certified companies, which ensure the quality, lifetime and good performance of the product. Nanum Nanotechnology is certified by the Quality Management System in the NBR ISO9001:2015 standard, which ensures the quality standard of its products.

Our products present good performance during application and have unique properties:

• high product stability, obtained from the innovative functionalization processes;
• homogeneous size distribution of nanoparticles;
• excellent magnetic property when exposed to a magnetic field;
• extended lifetime.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone +55 31 3488-1595.

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