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MICR Printing in Inkjet Systems

MICR Ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is used in the Security Printing Market mainly for check printing to avoid counterfeiting.

Checks are usually printed in offset or in other printing processes, but the variable data is printed with MICR Ink, in Inkjets Printers. The MICR Line, located at the bottom of the check, is mandatory and includes the bank routing number, account number, and check number.

The main features of Inkjet MICR inks are:

– Compatibility with cartridges and printheads of Inkjet Printers
– To have adequate viscosity, surface tension and drying time on the substrate
– To have a Waveform to optimize the printing process.
– Allow printing gaps between jobs, shifts and over the weekend with low purging.

The MICR Ink pigments must have the adequate nanometric size, great stability, and homogeneity to avoid the clogging of the Inkjet printers’ nozzles. Also, needs to provide great printing results, the magnetic reading signal must comply with the required Standard and have durability, that will allow check reading after some years (if adequately stored).

MICR Ink manufacturers need to comply with these requirements to promote equipment reliability, printing production performance, producing a well printed check, with the correct magnetic reading, reliability, and durability.

Nanum Nanotecnologia SA develops and produces nanoparticles and with them, water based magnetic pigments and inks. They are known for their low environmental impact and great printability in porous substrates, usually paper.

Nanum customizes water based MICR inks, that are compatible with the main printheads, and cartridges (TIJ 2.5) found in the market.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone +55 31 3488-1595.

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