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Today NANUM is known worldwide for the production of Magnetic Dispersions and Aqueous MICR inks, made of ceramic, with state-of-the-art and innovative technology in the security market.

Our products present great performance during application and have unique properties, which stand out:

High product stability, obtained from the innovative functionalization process;
Homogeneous nanoparticles size distribution;
Excellent magnetic property when exposed to a magnetic field;
Long durability of magnetic properties in printed documents.

The functionalization of the nanoparticles, carried out with our proprietary patented technology, guarantees high stability for the product and high-performance during use, in addition to extended shelf life.


We have five product lines focused on the security printing market:

Nanum Magnetic Dispersion
The Aqueous Magnetic Dispersions of NANUM Nanotecnologia are produced with special ceramic nanoparticles and developed for use as magnetic pigment (dispersion) in Inkjet MICR Inks production.
Nanum Inkjet MICR Ink
The Aqueous Inks from NANUM Nanotecnologia, produced from our Aqueous NANUM Magnetic Dispersion, are a technological evolution in terms of occupational and environmental health.
MICR Ink Cartridges and Bulk for Inkjet Printers
We offer our MICR Ink in original HP45 / TIJ 2.5, Funai Rushmore & Other Cartridges, and in Bulk, for the main printheads / printers in the market.
Invisible Inks
Our Invisible Inks are made from pigments that under normal lighting conditions are invisible, however with the incidence of UV light highlight bright colors.
Cleaning Flush
Product developed by NANUM for cleaning the ink circulation lines of piezoelectric and thermal printers, after the use of NANUM Aqueous Ink.

New products in development that can be provided On Demand:

Anticorrosive additive; Coatings; Fuel Optimizer; Lubricant Additive.
Nanum Magnetite Dispersion
Aqueous dispersion of crystallized iron oxide nanoparticles.
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