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It is composed of nanoparticles functionalized for each application, providing dispersions with adequate particle size distribution and high stability.

main products:
Anticorrosive additive

A solvent-based additive, added into anticorrosive coatings, providing:

• increased corrosion protection
• UV absorption
• Promotes a more effective homogenization

The figure presents metal plates with the additive applied (a) before exposure and (b) after the exposure of 3500 hours to Salt Spray Test showing high efficiency in protection.

Main applications: Protective / anticorrosion Paint.


Additive used in the anodizing process of pistons and cylinders liners providing excellent adhesion coating that provides benefits:

• Reduces the Friction & Wear
• Reduces the Corrosion


The Nanum Céria Fuel Optimizer NA061103 is a solvent-based additive for diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, among others. It improves the combustion reaction by making it more efficient, reducing consumption, soot, and other contaminants such as HC, CO and NOx. A study conducted in Scotland with a similar additive on public transport buses for 12 months showed more than 5% decrease in fuel consumption, in addition to reducing emissions of harmful gases to the environment.

Another study conducted in France, comes to the same conclusion, it is estimated that Cerium oxides can decrease up to 80% the emission of gases from combustion engines. Suitable for improving the combustion of Diesel, Biodiesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Biokerosene and Heavy Oil. It provides the following benefits:

• Prevents carbon impregnation (cleaning)
• Improves efficiency of combustion / reducing consumption
• Reduction of toxic pollutants

Main Application: fuel additive.


Used as an additive for lubricants in metal-mechanical applications. The addition of Cerium Oxide nanoparticles results in:

• Reduces the Friction & Wear

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We have product lines focused on the security printing market:

Nanum Magnetic Dispersion
The Aqueous Magnetic Dispersions of NANUM Nanotecnologia are produced with special ceramic nanoparticles and developed for use as magnetic pigment (dispersion) in Inkjet MICR Inks production.
Nanum Inkjet MICR Ink
The Aqueous Inks from NANUM Nanotecnologia, produced from our Aqueous NANUM Magnetic Dispersion, are a technological evolution in terms of occupational and environmental health.
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