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Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, Brasil.


NANUM has advanced in the research of new nanoparticles of metal oxides, such as nano catalysts, nano composites and new dispersions, capable of optimizing processes and improving the performance of different products.

main products:

During welding process of metal parts, incandescent spatters can adhere to the parts and cause surface imperfections, as well as causing impact in subsequent assemblies. To avoid rework or disposal of high value-added parts, NANUM Nanotecnologia develops a temporary non-stick coating against weld spatter to protect surfaces.


With the increasing use of electronic equipment, the emission of electromagnetic waves has grown immensely. These emissions can cause interference with the operation of electronic equipment, in addition to being potentially harmful to people’s health. To mitigate electromagnetic emissions, NANUM Nanotecnologia develops nanocomposites capable of transforming incident energy from electromagnetic radiation into thermal energy, attenuating or eliminating reflections and transmissions of incident radiation on surfaces, which are applied in electromagnetic shields in the areas of defense and telecommunications. On the other hand, NANUM Nanotecnologia produces magnetic nanoparticles for applications where electromagnetic transparency is required while maintaining protection against the weather, such as in materials for antenna radomes and high frequency radars.


The Additive Manufacturing process, commercially called 3D printing, is considered one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0, which enables new business models and products due to the approximation between design and production. One of the most popular 3D printing technologies is the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF or FDM) technique which uses a continuous filament of a thermoplastic material. NANUM Nanotecnologia, realizing the growth of this market, develops a conductive filament with nanoparticles for special applications such as: antistatic devices, electromagnetic radiation attenuators, mechanical sensors, and electronic circuits.


NANUM Nanotecnologia, through its experience in the development and production of nanoparticles, creates photoluminescent particles in the order of 10 nanometers with low toxicity and good conductivity properties and low cost, through carbon-derived materials for applications in safety paints, photovoltaic devices, biomedical sensors, and markers.


We have product lines focused on the security printing market:

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