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In addition to Our Specialties, we manufacture customized products for the following segments:

Nanum Aqueous MICR Inkjet Ink

Aqueous MICR Inkjet Inks are produced with our Magnetic dispersion and applied to the digital printing of security documents such as bank checks. Our Inks are formulated to meet the specifications of each printhead and printers to which they are intended, with Thermal (cartridge HP45A and Funai) or Piezo (printheads) technology.

The stability of the nanoparticles in dispersion guarantees high stability and excellent magnetic signal.

We have under development the MICR Dispersion – Solvent Based, which is a dispersion of iron oxide nanoparticles into UV-curing monomers for application as a pigment in UV-curing MICR Inks.

Nanum Cleaning Flush

Product developed by NANUM for cleaning the ink circulation lines of piezoelectric and thermal printers, after the use of NANUM Aqueous Ink. It is compatible with all NANUM Aqueous MICR Inks.

Nanum Invisible Inks

The line of Invisible digital inks is made from pigments that under normal lighting conditions are invisible, however with the incidence of UV light highlight bright colors, with reflection available in the colors Yellow, Blue and Red. They are mainly used in security printing, in document & products authentication and anti-counterfeit.


  • Banknotes printed on paper money
  • Products, labels, and packaging
  • Tickets for various occasions, as shows, events, tickets
  • Legal documents: passports, visas, stamps, etc.
Nanum Metallic Effect Ink

Metallic effect inks are made from aqueous magnetite nanoparticles dispersion, which, when applied to prints on photographic paper, present a metallic effect, even without the use of metals in their composition.

Nanum Fuel Additive

This product is composed of functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles, dispersed in aliphatic solvent, used to enhance the combustion reaction of fuel, reducing soot and other contaminants, and improving its useful life during the storage process. It is applied in the additives of . It is applied in the additives of:

  • Diesel / Biodiesel
  •  Gasoline
  • Kerosene / Biokerosene
  • Heavy oil.
Nanum Anticorrosive Additive

It is composed of specific nanomaterials with an adequate particle size and high stability. The nanoparticles have the desired properties for operation in different types of environments and materials, aiming to mitigate or prevent the onset of the corrosive process on materials. It is used in the manufacture of protective/anti-corrosion paint.

The figure shows metal plates with the additive applied (A) before exposure and (B) after 3500 hours of exposure to Salt Spray test, showing high protection efficiency.

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