Who are we?

A Brazilian Company working within the Fine Chemistry’s Sector, at the nanotechnology area. With focus on the industrial metal oxide nanostructures production, it is the Latin America’s pioneer on the large-scale production and commercialization of nanometric ceramic powders and on the domain of several dispersion technics to facilitate them to be introduced into several industrial processes and to be transformed into new products with high value content.

Nanum has in its directors, PHD, Physicists and Chemicals, who seek the constant development and improvement of our products and new development, meeting the Society’s demand for New innovations and discoveries for the concious and profitable use of nanotechnology.


We are producers of MICR Ink for inkjet printers with some good experience in metal oxide nanoparticle’ synthesis, their dispersions and their inkjet ink formulations.

MICR inks for inkjet printers is revolutionizing the MICR code’s printing process in bank checks, eliminating the analogic part of it, giving the alternative to print in a single way the fixed and the variable data of the check and perhaps providing more benefits on human healthy impact than toners in a laser printing environment,since it is a water base liquid ink.

Four products lines focusing the market for
security inks and check printing.

1. Magnetic Dispersion
2. MICR Inkjet Ink (bulk)
3. MICR Inkjet Ink Cartridges
4. UV invisible ink

Our own MICR ink formulations are already working on piezo and thermal print heads. We have clients working with Kyocera Print head as well as HP45 Cartridge and some other smaller cartridges.


– Gold Ink
– Silver Ink
– 3D printing materials

– NEW NANOPARTICLES: Industrial Production of Nano Cerium Oxide
– NEW APLICATIONS OF THE NANO CERIUM OXIDE: Combustion Optimizer and Anticorrosive Addictive

I: Supercapacitors with carbon nanostructures
II: Nano – Varistor

New uses of Nanum aqueous magnetic nanoparticles dispersion:

1. Ink for the printing of inductors for electronic circuits.
2. Red infrared radiation absorber.
3. Magnetic sealing with use of electromagnetic field.

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