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Nanum has in its RD&I team (Research, Development and Innovation) professionals PhDs and master’s in chemistry, Physics and Engineering, who seek the constant development and improvement of our products, meeting the Society’s demand for New innovations and discoveries for the conscious and profitable use of nanotechnology.

The products under development by the RD&I team are:

Weld Anti-Spatter Coating

During welding process of metal parts, incandescent spatters can adhere to the parts and cause surface imperfections, as well as causing impact in subsequent assemblies. To avoid rework or disposal of high value-added parts, NANUM Nanotecnologia develops a temporary non-stick coating against weld spatter to protect surfaces.

Invisible UV Inks – Solvent-Base

Invisible Inks when exposed to ultraviolet light of suitable wavelength can be read with vivid colors. They are applied to ensure greater reliability and security of documents after using the product. The fact that the inks are solvent-based allows a wide range of applications on metallic and polymeric substrates such as license plates, concert tickets and medicine packaging.

Electromagnetic Applications

With the increasing use of electronic equipment, the emission of electromagnetic waves has grown immensely. These emissions can cause interference with the operation of electronic equipment, in addition to being potentially harmful to people’s health. To mitigate electromagnetic emissions, NANUM Nanotecnologia develops nanocomposites capable of transforming incident energy from electromagnetic radiation into thermal energy, attenuating or eliminating reflections and transmissions of incident radiation on surfaces, which are applied in electromagnetic shields in the areas of defense and telecommunications. On the other hand, NANUM Nanotecnologia produces magnetic nanoparticles for applications where electromagnetic transparency is required while maintaining protection against the weather, such as in materials for antenna radomes and high frequency radars.

Molecular HyperCapacitor

Since 2011, NANUM has been studying and monitoring the development of supercapacitors and other energy storage devices. In 2020, researchers developed and patented a concept of hypercapacitive technology, with performance potential of around 1,500 to 2,000 F/g. This concept addresses the storage of energy that occurs on the molecular scale (or nanoscale) in an electrochemical environment, where its control and design leads to a hypercapacitive phenomenon much more efficient for energy storage than the commonly known supercapacitive phenomena. This technology presents a more efficient contribution based on the nanoscale controlled pseudocapacitive phenomenon for the efficient storage of electricity.


Discover the specialties and products developed by NANUM.

NANUM is known worldwide for its expertise in the development and production of different nanoparticles, supplying the market with innovative solutions based on nanotechnology.
In addition to Our Specialties, we manufacture customized products for the following segments: Security Print Industry, Printshops, Automobile and Construction.
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