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NANUM Nanotecnologia is a global company working within the Fine Chemistry’s Sector, known worldwide for the development and commercialization of solutions based on nanotechnology. Our products portfolio includes metallic nanoparticles, nanostructured metal oxides, carbon nanostructures and polymers.

Nanum has in its RD&I team (Research, Development and Innovation) professionals PhDs and master’s in chemistry, Physics and Engineering, who seek the constant development and improvement of our products, meeting the Society’s demand for New innovations and discoveries for the conscious and profitable use of nanotechnology.

We have mastered different dispersion and functionalization techniques for our nanoparticles, which guarantee greater stability and durability to our customers’ final formulations.

Our Company has been recognized for over 15 years for our concentrated Magnetic Dispersion and our Water-Based MICR Ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) formulations, made from our ceramic nanoparticles.

With a presence in the global security printing market since 2010, Nanum’s Magnetic Digital Ink Lines (MICR) currently represent 38% of MICR inkjet printing applications and are chosen by the main manufacturers of transactional digital printers in the world!

Countries served
Clients worldwide
Products sold
We expanded our bussines to another markets with nanotech applications and started our new industrial plant construction.
We expanded our number of employees and invested in the research and development of new magnetic metal oxides, nanocomposites, thin nanostructured films, and special inks. We have also updated our logo.
We had our first certification in ISO 9001:2015, by DQS, attesting to our ability to develop products that meet customer specifications and are delivered under controlled conditions.
We started our developments with Carbon Nanostructures and other technologies.
We inaugurated in Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, our first dedicated plant, a world pioneer in the production of MICR Ink, in addition to the production of new special inks.
After the development of new nanoparticles, one of our magnetic ferrites was approved by a Global Company to be used in the production of Security Inks.
We became NANUM Nanotecnologia S.A.
Entrepreneurs from Minas Gerais invested in the company and placed it in the “Fundação Biominas” site. NANUM is no longer linked to the “Instituto Inovação”.
We created our name, NANUM Nanotecnologia Ltda, and developed our first logo. “Instituto Inovação” (Belo Horizonte, MG) and Professors linked to the Nanotechnology Lab. of UFMG become partners of the company.
NANUM’s strategies

Constantly expand our knowledge and training to develop and provide innovative technological solutions for products and services to the market.


To be a global reference in the production of additives, nanometric films and pigments, their composites, their dispersions and special inks.


1. Valorization, the people!
2. Cooperation, teamwork!
3. Excellence, quality!
4. Ownership, autonomy!
5. Simplicity, focus!
6. Pioneering, the unlimited!


We seek to positively impact people’s lives and the market through nanotechnological innovations.

NANUM has its Quality Management System certified in the NBR ISO9001:2015 standard, which ensures the quality standard of its products.
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