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NANUM believes that Organizational Values are fundamental for the business development. With this in mind, we launched the NANUM VALUES PROGRAM, which will promote monthly meetings to present to our employees all organizational values.

In the month of May, we discussed the importance of the value “Ownership, Autonomy”.

With the value “Ownership, Autonomy” we hope that our employees take care of the company as its their own, with commitment, responsibility and focus on customers, look constantly for greater excellence in the results, creating opportunity for improvements, evaluating risks, and presenting innovative solutions, after all we are all together on the same boat!

Having autonomy is to make a difference by taking ownership of a project. We at Nanum, as a team, seek always to improve ourselves, as well as evolve with solutions for the market using Nanotechnology! Always focused in delighting Customers.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone +55 31 3488-1595.

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